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How to ANZIP

Welcome to the upgraded BETA version of the Australian and New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline. 

With an updated search, it'll make it easier for you to view and filter all the major projects across the pipeline. Project pages are redesigned to quickly gather the Project Scope as well as the ability to dive into the details like Key dates and History. 

You can also customize and create charts mapping the Infrastructure Pipeline by Project Status or Project Location. We've also added new functions like a sign up page to ANZIP, where you can log in and view saved projects, previous Pipeline Reports and inquire about Data Downloads. 

Be one of the first to use the BETA version. Start searching the ANZIP platform today.

Pipeline statuses

We track projects from when they are proposed, until they complete construction and are operational.

Our statuses go through seven stages, these are:

  1. Prospective
  2. Detailed Planning
  3. Announced
  4. Under Procurement
  5. Awarded
  6. Under Delivery
  7. Operational

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What is the Pipeline Report?

You have two options to register for the Pipeline Report.

Option 1
Click on ‘Register to Pipeline Report’ in the top menu and fill out your
business details.

Option 2
Create a log in to the User Portal and you will be signed up
automatically. See below on how to sign up.

Create a user for ANZIP

Four simple steps to create an account with ANZIP.

Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner in the menu.

Go to ‘Create an account’ and enter your business details.

Check your inbox for an ‘Registration approved’ email.

Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner in the menu and go to ‘Sign in’.


Each project, contract and privatisation on ANZIP is assigned a status. This reflects Infrastructure Partnerships Australia's objective view of where each opportunity sits in the Pipeline, from project announcement, through planning and procurement, to delivery and completion. Infrastructure Partnerships Australia closely monitors movements in the Pipeline and updates each status as developments occur.

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